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Skin prick testing – we have a kit that comprises multiple vials of common allergy-causing substances such as pollens, cat hair, moulds, wheat and peanut. Individual drops of these substances are placed on the patient’s arm, and then pricked with a lancet. The test is not invasive or painful, and it is inexpensive. With this testing method, we are able to see if there is an allergic reaction within 15 minutes. A positive skin prick test is a red, raised itchy lesion that appears similar to a small mosquito bite.

Immunotherapy – this is an allergy treatment in the form of drops that are placed under the tongue daily. Small increments of allergen are given, and the concentration of the allergen is increased over time. This treatment works on the body’s immune system to no longer react to the allergic substance, so tolerance is achieved and the allergy is essentially cured.

Oral food challenges – this a method of accurately determining if someone has an allergy to a specific food. It is conducted in a safe environment under medical supervision. Small doses of the suspected allergic food are given over a period of time in increasing doses to see if there is any type of allergic reaction.

Drug challenges – similar to skin prick testing, the suspected allergy-causing medication is placed on the arm in the form of a droplet and a puncture to the skin in the made. Concentrations of the medication are increased and several skin pricks are performed. If no reaction takes place, we then do intradermal testing, once again with incremental dosages of the medication that is suspected to cause the allergy. This is when the medication is injected just below the skin and we observe to see if there is a reaction. This is done in a safe environment.